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Thanks for reading my silly alliterative poem entitled "Why We Walk".  6 lines, in alphabetical order, narrating the horrors, both social and physical, of riding in the narrator's father's clunker of a car.

Alternatively, against anemically azure automobiles, abide afoot.
Before bitter brume bows Birmingham's blooming branches.
Criticized, castigated, contrarily can't consider
Dad's dimly-dyed Dodge dreadnaught.

Eyesore, every exterior element.
Fascia flaps freely from front fenders.
Grill?  Gone.
Horrible highway handling.

It's illegal in interstate influx.  Indeed, Iowa issued injunctions.
Jimmys jakebrake.  Jams jell.
Kids... kids kid,
laughing loudly.

Mom, meanwhile, makes me mind maps midway,
never noticing nobody needs neighborhood navigation
over our own
protected paved paradigms.

Quaking, questioning quietly
remaining respites: restaurants, roadside restrooms.
Sundry sudden screeching stops stir stomach sickness.
Then, the total taboo - the toots.

Windows won't work.

Yet, youth yields yawls,
zoilistic zoics.


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Happy Birthday!!
When She Catches On To Your Facade 
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happy birthday.
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When i  first made a youtube account i quickly found Facade- After that i found you! Seriously you make great stuff and it's really well made! Keep up the good work!
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alright,kah-you need to leave 
Oldthinkertube Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
There's only so much you can expect to put up with, y'know?!
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we'll be fine--you just have to go.
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Hey you old thinking tube, how are ya?
Oldthinkertube Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016
Hi there!  Big apologies for my tardy reply.  I don't seem to have notifications turned on.  :)
Doing ok here.  Working in a proper office now & not much time for creative projects.  Hope you are well!!
Chicherino Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Student General Artist
No problem! I'm doing okay as well, just relaxing until my next college semester starts. :meow:
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